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A. Does the Face Mask have Different Sizes?

Yes, there are different sizes available Large, Medium and Small

Product Dimensions

Large 20 cm x 8 cm (L x W)

Medium 18 cm x 7 cm (L x W)

Small 16 cm x 6 cm (L x W)

B. Does the Face Mask have Different Colours?

Yes.  The colour available is Citrus Yellow.  We are planning on different colours in the future.  Please do check the website periodically for upcoming Colours.

C. How do I wear the Face Mask?

You can wear the Face Mask in a few ways

  1. Over the head loop – Both string loops are place behind the head
  2. Ear loop – String loops are hooked behind each ear. You will have to retie the string loops to do this

Wearing Instructions:

 Please move the adjustable string catch to the maximum length for easy access to wear onto the face. Tighten and adjust according to head size and comfort.

Please note that the mask can get contaminated so try to avoid touching the inside of the mask. If you need to, please wash your hands before doing so.

Please take note of any air gaps between the mask and your face to prevent water droplets from entering into the mask.

D. How do I wash the Face Mask?

Gently hand wash your Face Mask (outer and inner side) with washing detergent

Squeeze water out and hang the Face Mask to dry

Washing Instructions: -

Mix any anti bacteria liquid soap with water and soak mask for at least 60 seconds.

Wash off in water, gently squeeze and hang up to dry.

The mask can be used Even if it is not completely dry.

(For best results, use SingaMask Wash Liquid, sold separately)

Do not use any chlorine, bleach, dry clean or spin dry as they may affect the integrity and life span of the mask.