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SingaMask Washable Reusable PTFE Face Mask - N95 equivalent


SingaMask is designed for the person on the street. It offers style, form, practicality and functionality. It looks good, you can easily
wear the mask around your neck, stuff it in your back pocket when not in used or if dirty, quickly wash it with anti-bacteria
soap, squeeze dry and wear it again. The mask can be worn in the sun or in the rain. This will not affect the performance of the filter.

SingaMask has 3 Unique features.

Wash and wear. After several washes, the internal cotton and outer fabric linings will soften, and the mask will become more
personal, comfortable and form fitting like a good pair of old trusted jeans. The air flow will also improve. The integrity of the
PTFE filter that is between the inner and outer linings will not be affected by constant washing.

Adjustable fit offers different levels of protection. It is important that you choose the mask that fits you. The bottom of
the mask should just touch the bottom of your chin and the top should just cover your nose. Extend the fastener to the end of the
bottom string and slowly adjust the top fastener towards your head until you are comfortable. When you are alone or in an open
area, you can easily loosen the straps for maximum comfort. When you are surrounded by people, you can also quickly adjust the
fasteners to offer a better fit for better protection. Please do not over tighten the mask onto your face.

2 Methods of wearing the mask.

Dry Wear – The mask can be worn like any other mask.

Wet Wear – This is a unique feature of SingaMask. Rinse the mask in water and gently squeeze dry. Wear the mask and you will get
refreshing and cool feeling. (without makeup please) SingaMask is ideal for daily wear. - Commuting to work, buying
groceries, bringing the dog for a walk, taking a stroll in the park, delivering goods, cycling, riding a motorbike, walking at night,
playing in the rain, spraying paint, gluing things together and even robbing a bank but that would be so wrong.

Key Points

  • Product of Singapore. SingaMask is designed in Singapore. The factory is ISO 9001 certified.
  • SingaMask has a BFE 99.9% . Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2100-19 Section 9.1, Testing Refer to ASTM F2101-19)
  • SingaMask offers the protection that is equivalent to a N95 mask. All material used have been certified. This mask is designed to replace the disposable mask that is costly, fragile and wasteful. Besides being used for the Covid-19 pandemic, it can also be used for the Haze and many other activities.
  • SingaMask is very tough. It is resistant to seawater, UV rays, Alcohol, Blood and even Chemicals. The mask can be used even in the rain or on a speed boat. The filter layer inside the mask is waterproof and will protect the wearer.
  • Washable up to 365 times. The mask can be washed and reused over and over again. You could throw it into a washing machine or hand wash it with any anti bacteria liquid soap as you would with your hands. You could even give it a quick wash when you are outside. One mask can pretty much last you for a year if you take care of it.
  • SingaMask is not designed to be used in Hospitals or Biohazard environments. We do not recommend using it in such

  • Key Protective Fabric is (PTFE) Polytetrafluoroethylene – It is extremely thin and lightweight with microporous membrane. The Ultra-thin PTFE film is made to be air permeable by stretching it preciously to handle a range from 0.1 µm to 10 µm. This makes it wide enough for air to pass freely through while providing an efficient Nano particle filtering, protecting the user against viruses, bacteria without electrostatics discharge.
  • Citrus Lemon Color - The color represents sunshine, hope and happiness. It is cheerful, it’s cool and it also doubles up as a safety reflector when walking or riding a bike. It is fashion with functionality.

Colours available: Citrus Lemon  

Size (W x H) : Large (21 cm x 14 cm), Medium (19 cm x 13.50 cm) and Small (18 cm x 12 cm)     

Extracts from Public Publications on N95 Mask

National Centre for Infectious Diseases executive director Leo Yee Sin told The Straits Times that N95 design makes it difficult for
people to breathe in if it is worn properly. N95 masks are designed to effectively filter airborne particles. They have been used in
Singapore during haze situations. 

                                                               – Pro Leo Yee Sin (23rd Jan 2020 Straits Times).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that health care workers treat it like an airborne pathogen.
This type of mask is "difficult to wear" because it's uncomfortable, Schaffner says. Some people find it harder to breathe when
wearing the N95. But "that's the kind of protection that really works." 

                                                             - Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

MacIntyre's research has shown that N95 respirators offer far superior protection. MacIntyre notes that cloth masks which
people wash, and reuse are also common in Asian countries. She says there's no evidence to show they have any benefit, and her
research suggests they "may actually be harmful," because infrequent washing and moisture retention can make cloth masks a
breeding ground for pathogens. 

          - American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The study, led by Australian researcher Raina MacIntyre, MB BS, PhD






IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Read Before Wearing SingaMask

This is a high-performance mask that offers the protection equivalent to a N95 mask. The mask filter is made from laminated PTFE, a high-tech fabric commonly used for filtering away Nanoparticles.

Wash before Wear
While the mask is clean when you first remove from the package, we insist that you wash the mask before using it. The
first wash helps to ensure hygiene and to break into the new mask.

Washing involves applying any anti-bacteria liquid soap on both sides of the mask or immersing the mask into an anti-bacteria soap mix for about 60 seconds. Gently massage, rinse, squeeze and air dry. The mask can also be worn when it is damp. Like a pair of jeans, the more often you wash the mask, the more comfortable it gets. The mask will get easier to breathe as it breaks in but be assured that the PTFE filters in the mask are still working.

Choosing the Right Fit
It is important that you choose the mask that fits you. Purchasing a mask that is too small for you may not offer you adequate protection. The bottom of the mask should touch just below your chin and the top should just cover your nose. For gentlemen who have beards, please note that the area where the hair comes out from the mask may have a risk for exposure. This is true for all mask.

Putting on the Mask
There are two ways to wear the mask. Please do not overtighten the mask onto your face.
When you are alone or in an open area, you could easily loosen the string fasteners at the top string for maximum comfort to allow more air in. When you are surrounded by people, you could quickly adjust the fasteners to offer a better fit for better protection. The tighter the fit, the stronger the filters work. Do not need to overtighten the mask. A nice, comfortable fit will still offer you better protection than a cloth mask or 3ply mask.

Behind the Head – Extend both the top and bottom of the string fasteners right to the end where it touches the knots. Wear the mask with the bottom string behind your neck and the top string above your ears, behind your head. Adjust the tension of the top string slowly accordingly to comfort.  

Behind the Ears – Cut off the knots at the end of the top and bottom strings. Remove the string fasteners. Tie ear loops on both ends to make sure it fits. Once you have the fit you are looking for, cut off the excess strings. Rotate the string until the knot goes into the seams of the mask. Now you are able to wear the mask using the ear loops you have created. You can also replace the strings with your own if that is your preference. Simply insert your new string through the seams and tie.

Breathing in the Mask
For people who have never worn a N95 mask before, please read this.
The surgical disposable 3 ply mask were essentially made to prevent the doctor from passing any germs to the patient and to stop the person who has a flu or cough from passing it on to someone nearby.
The washable cloth mask is often used by our South Asian neighbors to filter off dust when on the streets or dust and bugs from hitting your face when riding a motorbike.

SingaMask is a high filter mask that takes away more than 99.9% of the air impurities. This means that you will need to breathe a little harder. Wear the mask and take slow and deep breaths. Make sure your string fasteners are not too tight. Loosen until you feel comfortable. Once you have got used to this new sensation, you could slowly tighten until it has a comfortable fit. You can easily adjust to loosen or the tighten the mask by using the string fasteners. You may need some time to adjust if you are using it for the first time.